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Quality Hands-on Toys

Welcome to a World of Words

How Wordy works

Our unique double-sided design creates engaging hands-on toys that function on multiple levels. Our bilingual options come labeled with English on one side and Spanish, French or Chinese on the other.

Our Mission

By creating quality hands-on bilingual toys, Wordy's mission is to create a "World of Words". A world where kids learn to love words, languages and cultures through engaging toys that fill their environment.
"We're not trying to reinvent the wheel. We just want to write wheel on the wheel".

Happy Customers!

"Incredible customer service. I accidentally entered the wrong address and sender got a hold of me almost immediately to update the address since this was a gift. I truly appreciate the effort. My niece loves the set, solid quality. <3 She is particularly fond of the tenedor for some reason! haha"

Maria C.

"I ordered this for my son after he played with it at a recent birthday party. It's a really cute kit of foods with clearly printed words and durable. My son loves it and plays with it in his play kitchen. And since he's learning Spanish at school as well as learning to read, this doubles the learning while he's having fun. I highly recommend! We already bought a second kit to give to his cousin!"



"Well..I just got them today and I love them. The zebra, lion and giraffe are beautifully made, the wood is polished, really safe for the little ones! My girls love them, we're ordering the sea set now."