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Why Wordy Works

Wordy toys aren't just cute. There is real science behind why they work.

  • Environmental Print
    The same way a child knows a red octagon says "stop" before they can read, Wordy toys help create a visual link between letters and words. This is symbol recognition and is the first step towards literacy. 
  • Bilingual is better
    Being bilingual is great for little brains! Studies show that bilingual kids outperform monolingual kids in
    • Multitasking
    • Holding focus longer
    • Thinking outside the box
    • Generally scoring higher on
            college entrance exams

  • Multi-functional
    Wordy toys are not only great language tools they also
    • Develop fine motor skills
    • Build problem solving
    • Encourage imaginative play

  • All lowercase
    You may have noticed all the words on our toys are printed in lowercase. Many classrooms now practice teaching children lowercase letters first as 95% of written text is lowercase. These are the letters as they will see them most regularly.